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Bhakti or Bhakthi is unconditional religious devotion of a devotee in worship of a divine. Unconditional love can only be directed to Allah. But those of Faith are overflowing in their love for God. O lovers! The religion of the love of God is not found in Islam alone.

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In the realm of love, there is neither belief, nor unbelief. In Islamic Sufism , unconditional love is the basis for the divine love Ishq-e-Haqeeqi , elaborated by many great Muslim saints to date. Prominent mystics explain the concept in its entirety and reveal its hardcore reality. Rabia of Basra was the one who first set forth the doctrine of Divine Love known as Ishq-e-Haqeeqi [12] and is widely considered to be the most important of the early renunciant, one mode of piety that would eventually become labeled as Sufism.

Ishq itself means to love God selflessly and unconditionally. For Rumi , 'Sufism' itself is Ishq and not the path of asceticism zuhd. Neopaganism in general, and Wicca in particular, commonly use a traditional inspirational text, Charge of the Goddess , which affirms that the Goddess 's "law is love unto all beings". Later schools engaged in much debate on exactly how unconditional one could be in actual society.

Unitarian Universalism , though not having a set religious creed or doctrine, generally accepts the belief that all human begins are worthy and in need of unconditional love though charity in the community and spiritual understanding.

The Unitarian Universalist Association explicitly argues this in the Seven Principles, where the "inherent worth and dignity" of all humans is a regularly-cited source arguing for unconditional love. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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This article is about the concept. For other uses, see Unconditional love disambiguation. Types of love. Cultural views. Color wheel theory of love Biological basis Love letter Valentine's Day Philosophy Religious views love deities Mere-exposure effect Similarity Physical attractiveness Triangular theory of love.

This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The Four Loves. Ireland: Harvest Books. Retrieved 23 June In, Raymond M. Maslowski, Lewis B. Morgan Eds. MSS Information Corporation.

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Retrieved Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging. Lay summary — MailOnline These results suggest that unconditional love is mediated by a distinct neural network relative to that mediating other emotions.

God by His very nature loves those who hate and scorn Him. For He loves a rebellious humanity.

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Truly, God is love! Once we understand the character of God and our rebellion as a race against Him, it is not hard for us to see His forbearance in love Romans 2;4; 2 Peter We get up in the morning by the grace of God. We breathe by the grace of God, We have our being by the grace of God Acts The whole of creation is ours to enjoy at His hand.

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And in His general love, we find enjoyment with what He has created and done. We see this also, as Jesus at the end of His ministry, upon seeing the city of Jerusalem, weeps over the judgment which will soon come upon them for their rejection of Him. He hopes that Unconditional Love For Humanity will be healing for all those who read it.

Thank you and honor to all those who are participating in the creation of a new paradigm, better world for all people. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches.

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The writings will become appreciated in particular by those people interested in an interdisciplinary studies approach, which quite possibly View Product. A cornucopia of short stories for a variety of tastes. Stories meant to remind us Stories meant to remind us all of who we are: fragile creatures in a sometimes harsh world, yet not without hope that mysteries still remain and wonders abound.

The current financial system will be dissolved during this transition and the truth of the deep manipulation humanity has fallen for will be revealed. In New Earth, there will be no money, no competition, and no manipulation. All will be transparent and of integrity, as nothing less can exist there.

All will co-create with one another using their gifts and skills. All will be appreciated and loved for their role. There will be no lack, no fear, and no taking. Heaven on Earth will be the new reality. In New Earth there will be no ownership and exploitation of our Mother Earth. All of the beautiful resources provided for us were taken over by greed and power. We were convinced we have to pay for food we can naturally grow it ourselves, natural plants were outlawed due to the threat of the rising consciousness, we were unable to access free, clean water, and had to purchase land from a government who never had any right to it.

Above all, the natural elements of Mother Earth air, wind, water can provide free energy for us all, yet we were manipulated into paying for energy that can be naturally created. In the new paradigm, there will be free energy, crystal technology, and all beings will be self-sustainable.

We will care for and appreciate our relationship with Mother Earth and all will be provided for abundantly. The lies we have been told and believed are so out of alignment with true reality it is incomprehensible.

New Earth will be free of fear and all pain and suffering. All will live in harmony, in unity, and in love everywhere present. What we can create when all share the same frequency, the same love, and the same vision, will be grander than anything we have every imagined. All who cannot let go of the old paradigm and continue to attach the old ways will not be a vibrational match for New Earth. Only lovers and givers will inherit this planet and pass through the portal. This transition will be difficult for many, and most will not be able to make it through.

In these moments, all who let go, surrender, and embody unconditional love in connection with Mother will be returning home into the Light, back to the true Garden of Eden. Share Our Messages with Love and Gratitude. We Can Help! We are preparing everyone for a Full Planetary Ascension, and provide you with the tools and techniques to assist you Home Into The Light.

We have just began these and they are incredible.

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