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Jun 09, S. This is what you'd call a 'gift book,' there being no good reason for it to exist except as a marketing opportunity in a museum bookshop, in this case The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Indeed I got it as a gift, third-hand, from a family member liquidating a section of his library.

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The book combines some works found in the Met museum with 'love poems' - I put the 'love' in quotes because there's a section on friendship, and one on familial love. It's not all cupids and hotness and late-night This is what you'd call a 'gift book,' there being no good reason for it to exist except as a marketing opportunity in a museum bookshop, in this case The Metropolitan Museum of Art. It's not all cupids and hotness and late-night phone sex. There were some great poems in here, but if you really wanted an anthology of love poems then surely there are better ones.

There are some fine works of art in here, but if you were really in it for the works of art you would be better directed to the non-poetry section of the bookstore. These were mostly very well-known poems with a few I hadn't read before. The selections were good and that's laudable. The works of art appearing next to the poems sometimes seemed random, but anything can be an object of 'love,' I guess.

There were two absolutely great Yehuda Amichai poems and if I really were interested in your poetic well-being I'd say save the however many dollars the Met wants for this and buy his The Selected Poetry instead. Apr 20, Nikitha Hingad rated it it was amazing. I have the hard bound copy of the book. I think it is a very beautiful book. With beautiful illustrations in each and every page, poetry feels like a treat. This book inspired me to publish my own collection. I hope someday I would be able to make art like this one.

Must have for all poetry lovers. Kate Farrell has made a great effort to bring best of art and poetry together. And the themes are on I have the hard bound copy of the book. And the themes are on love. This is Gift book!. Lucky to own it! May 10, Kathleen rated it liked it Shelves: , anthology , poetry. This is kind of an interesting book. It's an anthology of love poetry-- the less romantically inclined among you will be happy to know that it's not all romantic love, and in fact there are specific sections for familial and friendship loves, which I for one appreciated-- accompanied by paintings from the Met.

The poetry's really nice, and I did enjoy most of it.

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I also enjoyed the paintings. However, they seemed kind of disconnected from each other, like the paintings were crammed in wherever t This is kind of an interesting book. However, they seemed kind of disconnected from each other, like the paintings were crammed in wherever the layout of the pages allowed for it rather than being connected by theme. Farrell did make a laudable effort to separate out the sources of poetry and paintings: a poem from England in the s might be paired with a Japanese painting from the s, and so on.

However, a lot of the poetry and a lot of the paintings were from Europe, ss, so it was a bit difficult to really explore the broad applicability of the themes she was exploring. It's interesting. I'd pick it up from your local library if you're interested, but I don't think I'd bother buying it. Dec 31, metaphor rated it liked it Shelves: poetry , kate-farrell.

Time was. Time is. Time shall be. Man invented time to be used. Love was. Love is. Love shall be. Yet man never invented love Nor is love to be used like time. A clock wears numbers one to twelve And you look and read its face And tell the time precisely ex-act-ly. Yet who reads the face of love? Who tells love numbers precisely ex-act-ly? Love costs. Love is not so easy Nor is the shimmering of star dust Nor the smooth flow of new blossoms Nor the drag of a heavy hungering for someone. Love is a white horse you ride or wheels and hammers leaving you lonely or a rock in the moonlight for rest or a sea where phantom ships cross always or a tall shadow always whispering or a circle of spray and prisms— maybe a rainbow round your shoulder.

Heavy heavy is love to carry and light as one rose petal, light as a bubble, a blossom, a remembering bar of music or a finger or a wisp of hair never forgotten. Oct 02, Nicole rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: If you love poetry and art, you must read this.

Love & Romance Poetry Anthology

Recommended to Nicole by: I dfound it at a second-hand sale. This is one of my favorite poetry anthologies. I love the pairing of art and poetry. One of my favorite things about this anthology is that the artworks and pieces of poetry that are paired with each other tend to be from utterly different eras, but somehow they say the same things. The works have great variety: wide time range, many nationalities. This was a must own book for me; I read it over and over. I snagged this from the clearance cart at a Half Price a few weeks ago. The poetry and paintings are not always matched well, but there are interesting examples of both.

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Some of the paintings that stick out in my memory: Vincent van Gogh's painting of a baby taking its first steps, and 18th and 19th century depictions of children blowing soap bubbles. Mar 23, Suzi rated it really liked it Shelves: history. This book is what text books in literature should be like. Beautifully illustrated with some of the great works of art throughout history.

I picked it up for a dollar at the library book sale in October. Mar 04, Tia rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorite-poets. A wonderful gift or gift-for-self:. This book pairs great poems with great works of visual art. As a huge fan of juxtapositions and interdisciplinary artistic dialogues ever the Gallatin student! I am not a big fan of the flowery cover, though: , so I ditched it and my version is just a cool blue hardcover.

Dec 16, Abby rated it liked it. I enjoyed reading the poems in this book and the art is coordinated well with the poems. The poems are a good mix of contemporary and to early AD. This time reading the poems I enjoyed the contemporary American authors. Jun 10, Janet rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. A stellar collection of beautiful paintings and poems. The poems are multicultural and from all eras, from Shakespeare to e.

A wonderful book to read aloud to your beloved. Dec 03, Clayton Chase rated it really liked it. At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet. Jun 19, Susan rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: anyone. I love the poetry selection and the art selection, they compliment each other very well. Wonderful book. May 02, angrykitty rated it it was amazing Shelves: poetry. There are some great choices here, among them poems by W. Auden , Thomas Hardy , and A. The Norton Anthology of Poetry.

Have we missed off your favourite from this list? What would earn its place in your list of the best English poetry anthologies? The author of this article, Dr Oliver Tearle, is a literary critic and lecturer in English at Loughborough University. Reblogged this on newauthoronline. Being Human by Bloodaxe Books and edited by Neil Astley — a fabulous selection of contemporary poems….

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