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This is a practical textbook written for use by engineers, scientists and technicians.

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It is not intended to be a rigorous scientific treatment of the subject material, as this would fill several volumes. Rather, it introduces the reader to the fundamentals of the subject material, and provides sufficient references for an in-depth study of the subject by the interested technologist.

The author has a lifetime teaching credential in the California Community College System. Also, he has taught technical courses with the American Vacuum Society for about 35 years.

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Students attending many of these classes have backgrounds varying from high-school graduates to Ph. This is an extremely difficult class profile to teach. This book still endeavors to reach this same audience. Basic algebra is required to master most of the material. But, the calculus is used in derivation of some of the equations. The author risks use of the first person I , instead of the author , and you instead of the reader.

Both are thought to be in poor taste when writing for publication in the scientific community. However, I am writing this book for you because the subject is exciting, and I enjoy teaching you, perhaps, something new. The book is written more in the vein of a one-on-one discussion with you, rather than the author lecturing to the reader. There are anecdotes, and examples of some failures and successes I have had over the last forty-five years in vacuum related activities, I'll try not to understate either.

Smart installation: The materials and techniques used by Erda deep allow it to be installed with confidence that the installed capacity will be achieved.

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This also means Erda deep can be installed anywhere — without the need for a test hole. Inclined heat exchangers increase the potential application to any given site, reduced surface area with an expanded subterranean array allows for installation flexibility without any design compromise. Smart operation: Erda deep enables high-intensity energy extraction and rejection to the earth, crucial to maintaining the balance between cost, capacity and performance. Thermal energy should be a two-way street, not a single-vector burn-and-consume process. This sharing of energy can turn buildings into energy assets.

Taking energy from a fluid to heat a building leaves a colder fluid. This energy source is an asset to a building needing cooling — who will in return share with you their heat. Erda Energy approach this dynamically — knowing some demands will be constant, and some will fluctuate means that we not only share demand, but we also share supply across a connected network focused on energy rather than just heat. Our controls at the building and network level ensure we prioritise and optimise efficiency at the local level and then operate a network which balances the needs of all.

Sharing your heating and cooling energy needs with other buildings will make the whole network more efficient.

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Thinking of energy as a community creates a greater opportunity to share resources and augment the efficiency of each individual property. Working together, multiple users can share initial costs and see immediate returns. When we combine the energy needs of a community with Erda deep technology, we can time-shift energy supply and demand across the network, yielding a powerful solution for minimising energy waste, and providing the surplus energy demands from many renewable sources.

Unlike a traditional burn-and-consume network, scaling this network up is simple. Instead of a new connection just taking energy, it has a chance to contribute, meaning there is not an automatic increase in the plant or equipment needed to serve that network, and that new supply, demand, sink or source connections can be flexibly added into the network. It works by realising that the plant and equipment of an Erda Energy system is just the beginning. By being smarter with that plant and equipment you can achieve more cost, energy and carbon savings.

Erda smart manages the secure collection of data from your solution, and safely stores it for performance analysis, as well as real-time monitoring and operational event handling. System owners have access to our Erda smart platform, complete with tailored KPIs, reports and branding, for full visibility of the performance of your Erda Energy system.

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From these analytics you will gain key insights into the behaviour of your property or network. With this insight, you can do more. Knowing what your asset is doing, and being able to do more with it, is always smarter.

Gathering big data and consolidating this into the key metrics important to your system allows Erda Energy to do more with your system. Smart lets you do this.

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With Erda Energy your heating and cooling needs are met by a balance of renewable energy and electrical energy. Grids around the world are facing huge new challenges from renewable generation technology — but Erda smart can help with this. With greater insight into the way your building operates, we can help you integrate into demand-side management programmes, leveraging the flexibility of your building to help the grid, and generating additional revenue streams.

Please leave this field empty. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. View the terms of our Privacy Policy. Toggle this chart to get insights into the historic reduction in carbon. Heat in CA At Erda we believe in measuring the output of carbon emissions At Erda, we believe in measuring the output of carbon emissions produced by our Technology to fit your needs The more we know about energy performance, the more we can make energy-efficient solutions.

Our Technology It ends with the earth. Erda uses the earth as your heating and cooling energy battery that never loses its charge. After evaluating your total energy needs, we use our technology to redirect waste energy streams and work towards a zero-carbon energy solution.